Country Hills Resort


Country Hills Resort provides comfortable rooms with oriental wooden decoration and is equipped with color TV featuring popular cable channels compliment with satellite TV, Large Refrigerator, private outdoor Gardens with Shower, Large balcony with pool and Mountain views. Coffee and Tea making facilities. Large rooms with modern luxury furniture.


Kaeng Krachan Circuit From the dream of two racers for having a new car racing circuit in Thailand, where it can support a large number of motor sport events that have been increased recently.

Kaeng Krachan National Park is one of Thailand's most bountiful and ecologically diverse national parks. The park's 2,915sqm forest area consists of pristine rainforests, granite mountain ranges, waterfalls, caves and a reservoir lake, offering plenty of trekking.

PanoenThung Located in Kaeng Krachan National Park. Stay away from the Kaeng Krachan only. 50 kilometers into the high mountain pastures contain a high from sea level to about 1,207 meters.

The Pa-la-U Waterfall is part of the Kaeng Krachan National Park, about 60km west of Hua-Hin near the Burmese border. With 11 tiers, it is one of the biggest waterfalls in Thailand. The surrounding forest is over a thousand years old and is filled with rare wild animals.

Guanyin Bodhisattva The park consists of Thousand-hand Guan Yin, the Buddhist holy monk agricultural valley. The Great Mother The Hindu-Brahmin, the twelve Zodiac Eden,

TemplesSqueeze tightly beneath amidst the hills and far as the eye can sometimes be found Hornbill birds flying over the forest where piles are cold throughout the year. You can see the fog Morning gathering Well as by the mist will get 2 points.

Santorini Water Fantasy as the first and only digital controlled water park in Asia, it is most certainly Thailand's most advanced. Offering unsurpassed fun and thrills for everyone in the family.

Wat Huay MongkolThe temple is the statue of Luang Phor the largest in the world, originally called "Wat Yai" is located in Ban Huay Kaew Rd. Crushed underneath. Hua Hin. Khan. Later, His Majesty the King. The new name of the Huai Huai Khot is "sacred".

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